Computer Classes

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Note: The library no longer teaches classes on Windows Vista or 2007 Office products.  However, packets are still on the site for your reference if you still own these programs.  New classes are added monthly, so please check our class schedule for more course descriptions.

Full Course Descriptions    

  • Introduction to the Internet - Learn the basics of navigating the Internet, including terminology. 
    Pre-requisite: Introduction to Windows 7 and Windows knowledge. 
    Class Materials: Intro to the Internet Packet
  • Genealogy on the Internet - Visit online research databases and online sites to search for family history.
    Pre-requisite: Introduction to the Internet.
    Class Materials: Genealogy Packet
  • Introduction to Word 2007/2010 - Learn the basics of word processing (typing), using Microsoft Word.  
    Pre-requisite: Introduction to Windows class, a basic Windows knowledge.
    Class Materials: Intro to Word 2010 Packet | Intro to Word 2007 Packet
  • Intermediate PowerPoint 2007/2010 - Learn: inserting a sound clip, acquiring more sounds, inserting a video into a  presentation, setting movie options, along with inserting a Photo Album. 
    Class Materials: Intermediate PowerPoint 2010 Packet
  • Internet Safety - Learn about the different precautions you can take to keep your computer safe from viruses and bugs on the Web.  
    Pre-requisite: Introduction to the Internet. Class Materials: Internet Safety Packet