Patron Behavior Policy

Each board of library trustees may make and publish rules for the proper operation and management of the free public library and facilities under its jurisdiction, including rules pertaining to the provision of library services to individuals, corporations, or institutions that are not inhabitants of the county. ORC 3375.40 (H)

The library staff welcomes all patrons, young and old alike, who by their presence acknowledge their responsibility to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the best use of the library and its services. Patrons must be considerate of others while they browse, read, aspire, study, ponder, research, do homework, discover, photocopy, use computers, and/or attend programs.

1. Behavior of persons, regardless of age, which is disruptive or detracts from that use, will not be tolerated. Some examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to:

Disrespect of staff
Abusive/vulgar language, harassing, profane or threatening language
Disorderly conduct
Use of tobacco products (or electronic substitutes), alcohol and/or unauthorized drugs in any form anywhere on library property
Loud talking, crying
Vandalism, theft or destruction of library property
Sleeping for extended periods of time
Aimless/restless roaming, loitering
Overcrowding at small tables or in seating areas
Blocking entrances, exits, and/or materials
Unsuitable dress (no shirt, shoes)
Photography and/or videorecording of staff and/or customers without their permission (see #9)
Violating Library Policies or Guidelines
Fraudulent use of another's library card and/or number for any purpose
Viewing websites that are inappropriate in a public setting (see Computer Use Policy)

2. Bicycles are to be parked in provided racks, and are not permitted in the library public area or entryway. Roller skating and skateboarding are not permitted in the library or its grounds.

3. Selling products or services, except as part of a library sponsored program or library support organization is not permitted in the library. Soliciting donations is not permitted in the library, except as part of a library sponsored program or library support organization, or when authorized by library administration.

4. Taking surveys, circulating petitions, distributing leaflets, and other similar activities are permitted only in the outside area designated in the Solicitation of Signatures and Distribution of Literature at the Twinsburg Public Library Policy.

5. Animals, except those used to aid persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the library unless they are part of a library-sponsored program.

6. Patrons are responsible for their personal belongings.

7. Patrons must leave the library promptly at closing.

8. Under The Ohio Revised Code no person shall possess a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance.

9. Photography and or video recording in the library is generally permitted if it is for library promotion, a student project, or news media. In order to protect the expectation of privacy rights of individual patrons and to reduce distractions, photographing and video recording on library property is restricted as follows:
a. Under no circumstances may the public, members of the media, or library staff take photographs or record video or audio of a person or persons without the express permission of any library patron or staff member who would be included within the composition.
b. Photography or video recording for commercial purposes is not permitted without approval by the Director; such approval must be requested in writing and in advance.

Staff members are well‑trained, good-natured library professionals who strive to provide excellent service to every patron. However, the staff has the authority to ask patrons whose behavior monopolizes their attention and/or restricts others use of the library to leave. Security officers and/or off-duty policemen may be present during business hours to aid the staff in maintaining an orderly atmosphere. Patrons involved in criminal behavior against the library will be prosecuted. Chronic offenders will be denied use of the library. Return to the library and reinstatement of privileges are by Director’s permission only.

Full policy, including section on Children in the Library, can be found here.

Adopted by the Twinsburg Public Library
Board of Trustees
September 22, 1998

Amended May 11, 1999

Amended September 20, 2012

Amended November 20, 2013

Amended October 15, 2014

Weapons Policy (9) Adopted by the
Twinsburg Public Library Board of Trustees
March 16, 2004