FREEGAL Music system Announcement

The Freegal Music Service is a music download service that many Libraries subscribe to that allows their patrons to download some music for free. Our library has been a subscriber to this service since 2011 and during that time has closely monitored its popularity among our patrons.

The library spends approximately $13,000 per year to be a part of the FREEGAL system. Even with substantial promotions, the use of the FREEGAL system has been low.  After evaluating the costs of this subscription, the low usage, and the feedback from many of our patrons, we have decided that the money we spend on this service can better benefit our patrons in other ways. Therefore, we will be discontinuing the FREEGAL service effective January 31, 2013.

Even the FREEGAL system will no longer be available; the library is home to a very large and diverse collection of CDs. We are currently planning a number of other programs and acquisitions that help provide a richer and more diverse experience to the patrons of this library.