Book Binding Service


We offer a new value-added service: simple coil book-binding.

The binding service is limited to coil binding with clear
plastic covers. We do not offer traditional book-binding services. 

Patrons may purchase a binding service for their original
work. The Library will not bind books that are copyrighted by another person or
entity. Each work can have no more than 100 physical pages (or 200 double-sided


The Library requires 24 hour advanced notice for 1-5 copies
of a work.

The Library requires a two
advance notice for orders of 6 – 50 copies of a work. The Library will
not, at this time, accept orders of over 50 copies of a work.

At this time, orders must be placed in-person at the
Computer Lab desk. The Library accepts cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard/American


Patrons must pay for bounded works before they can pick up
their books. The Library will not
orders until payment is made.

Terms of Service

Only Library employees or volunteers may use the coil-binder
machine. The Library will only bind works during normal business hours.    

As with all services offered by the Library, the book
binding service is governed by the Library’s policies and procedures. The
Library reserves the right to refuse this service and not accept payment for
any material that violates our policies or terms of use.

The Library will only accept PDF document files for binding,
if the library is expected to print the pages.

A Note on
Pornographic and Obscene Material

Twinsburg Public Library promotes a safe and comfortable
work environment. Although the Library respects everyone’s First Amendment
Rights, we reserve the right to refuse offering the Binding Service and not
accept payment, for binding any material that will cause the disruption of the
Library’s working environment.



Each order is $10.00 + the cost of printing per page.

$0.20 per color page (per side with Duplex printing)

$0.10 per black and white page (per side with Duplex printing)


If patrons provide their own printed pages, then the cost is $10.00 + 0.40 cents per book.