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  • LessonFace provides simple and quick musical tutorials. Create an account today! Returning users, please visit the sign in page. 9 classes available: Practical Music Theory, Explorations in Groove, Piano Master Class, Piano Practice Methods, Song Production 101, Singing for Guitarists, Modern Songwriting, Violin Improvisation Workshop, and Blues for Kids.
  • Udemy gives you the chance to learn theory and production. Other classes include common editing programs for music. Create an account today!
  • Explora for Public Libraries grants you access to articles, news-clips, and other materials about music.
  • Share your created music on Biblioboard. This free platform will let you publish your own recordings, tutorials, or written music that can be checked out by other library patrons!
  • Open Internet


  • Free Percussion Lessons. Would you like to learn the drums? This website provides free lessons and includes links to YouTube videos.
  • MIT Free Online Classes. Take these classes free from the renowned MIT! These classes are reading-based, and you will not find a lot of videos or recordings.
  • Our YouTube Recommended Playlist. Check out these videos from YouTube. Some are informative and some are entertaining.

  • Create

  • Free Music Archive. This is an online database of free music that you can modify and mix. The tracks listed are under the Creative Commons licenses. Pay attention to the license requirements. You can schedule a computer coach if you would like to learn more about Creative Commons Licensing.
  • MuseScore. Open source, free software that allows you to write music compositions for a variety of instruments and voices.
  • Virtual Musical Instruments. Make some music (or noise) with this fun and interactive site.

  • Collections

  • Internet Music Video Database. This site is trying to collect information on every music video created. Some music videos are linked.
  • Music Brainz. For the serious audiophile! An open encyclopedia that aims to collect all the meta data on albums.
  • Traditional Music Library. This is a collection of old folk songs from the United Kingdom and the United States. PDF files are available for downloading.

  • Music Sheets

  • BARD provided by the Library of Congress. BARD provides books and music scores for the Blind. You can download the books and scores as audio files or as downloadable braille. You will need to create an account with the Library of Congress. Information is available on its website. Please speak to one of our librarians if you have any questions.
  • The Mutopia Project. This is an online collection of public domain and Creative Commons licensed music sheets. They are free to download and modify. Pay attention to the Creative Commons license requirements. You can schedule a computer coach if you would like to learn more about Creative Commons Licensing.
  • Petrucci Music Library. A library of available public domain musical works. Be aware that the site strives to ensure the availability of the music in the public domain, but it makes no guarantees.
  • Project Guttenberg. This is Project Guttenberg's music sheet project. Find music sheets available in the public domain.